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GAMSAT Tutoring

Devin Anderson GAMSAT TutorHi! My name’s Devin and I tutor gonna-be medical students on GAMSAT Section 1 & 2.

I have been doing this for over 5 years now and have been getting consistently excellent results from my students. The most recent round of GAMSAT results proved to be the best yet, with most of my pupils making successful applications to the medical schools of their choice.

I tutor GAMSAT Sections 1 and 2 because those are my speciality areas. When I sat the exam in 2012 I scored within the 1st percentile in both sections. Communication studies was my primary degree and I have a deep and intuitive understanding of the subject.

I mostly conduct tutoring sessions over Skype because it allows me to work with students in Ireland, Australia and the UK. I charge 50 euro per session (or UK/AU equivalent), and I accept payment through Paypal, which is just like buying anything online (no need to pay in advance).

I am happy to discuss my personal experiences of the GAMSAT and will answer any questions you might have about getting ready for it, no matter what stage of your preparation you are at.

Although it is limited to students I’ve worked with already, I also offer an email essay-correction service. For 10 euro per essay I provide corrections as well as detailed comments and suggestions as to how you might improve your written communication. I will encourage you to look at the message you are trying to communicate and help you to improve the precision and clarity of your written expression.


Update 2019:

Due to an overabundance of work I am not taking on any new students at this time.

If you are struggling to prepare for the written portion of the exam then I strongly recommend you check out my book. It addresses all the most common concerns and queries students have when preparing for GAMSAT Section 2 and has gotten great reviews from students since its publication.

If you are interested in improving your score on Section One I also recommend you try out these GAMSAT sample papers which I have produced, as they have already proven to be an invaluable learning tool for hundreds of students. The papers come with explanations for all the answers, so in a way it’s like talking to me while you work (along with all the other past students who helped with corrections and feedback).

Contact me with any questions or comments via for a quick response.