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Unit 1.6 – Wayne and Garth

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 3 minutes


wayne and garth talk about cassandra


1.       What can we infer about Wayne from the conversation depicted above?

  •             A         He cannot drive
  •             B         He lives with his parents
  •             C         He is annoying
  •             D         He has a short temper


 2.       What emotion is Wayne expressing?

  •             A         Anger
  •             B         Sadness
  •             C         Jealousy
  •            D         Confusion
  • Answers:

    Inferences can be made about Wayne based on his friend’s response to his rhetorical question. We can infer that he is unlikely to own a cool car and also that he lives with his parents. We cannot make assumptions as to whether or not he can drive based solely on his ownership of a car, therefore the correct answer must be B.

    Wayne’s question is a rhetorical, well known cliché for expressing jealousy. He is probably angry, and confused as to why Cassandra is with another guy other than him, but what this ultimately amounts to is jealousy.

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    May 18, 2012

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