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Unit 39 – The Lady and The Priest

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 3 minutes

The cartoon below is licensed under the creative commons act and was first published on



1. The humor in this cartoon is derived primarily from:

  • A      The comical use of language
  • B      The total inversion of social norms
  • C      The irony associated with the priest’s lack of power
  • D      The joke at the expense of women’s rights


 2. The message in this cartoon is

  • A      Heavily biased
  • B      Morally corrupt
  • C      slightly convoluted
  • D      Unclear


  • Answers:
    Usually people go to confession to confess their sins to the priest. In this cartoon the priest is confessing what we understand to be his sins. This is where the humor comes from. Instead of a morally superior parish priest preaching the horrors of contraception, we see a morally bankrupt, manipulative priest. The fact that he is in a confession box implies that this he is speaking the truth.

    Q2: A
    The message is clear and unconvoluted: the church positions itself as anti-abortion in order to exert additional control over its members.
    This message is an argument for the pro-choice / pro-abortion side of the contraception debate – suggesting that the only reason the church opposes abortion is for reasons of power, not morality. It is therefore biased.
    You shouldn’t need to be familiar with the contraception debate to infer bias from this cartoon as it is quite defamatory of the priesthood.

    Gamsat Sample Questions

    June 19, 2012

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