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Unit 51: Comparing Songs About The Elderly

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 6 minutes

Song 1: Help The Aged, by Pulp

Help the aged,
One time they were just like you,
Drinking, smoking cigs and sniffing glue.
Help the aged,
Don’t just put them in a home,
Can’t have much fun when they’re all on their own.
Give a hand, if you can,
Try and help them to unwind.
Give them hope and give them comfort
’cause they’re running out of time.

In the meantime we try.
Try to forget that nothing lasts forever.
No big deal so give us all a feel.
Funny how it all falls away.
When did you first realize?
It’s time you took an older lover baby.
Teach you stuff although he’s looking rough.
Funny how it all falls away.

Help the aged
’cause one day you’ll be older too –
You might need someone who can pull you through
And if you look very hard
Behind those lines upon their face
You may see where you are headed
And it’s such a lonely place.



Unit 38 – Tiger Choons

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds

Below are extracts from three different songs that share a common metaphorical theme. Read and answer the questions that follow. 


Song 1 – Ride the Tiger, by Jefferson Airplane

I want to ride the tiger
I want to ride the tiger
It will be black and white in the dead of night
Eyes flashing in the clear moonlight
I want to ride the tiger.

It’s like a tear in the hands of a western man
Tell you about salt, carbon and water
But a tear to a chinese man
He’ll tell you about sadness and sorrow or the love of a man and
a woman.

I want to ride the tiger
I want to sail through the risin’ sun for you and you
We got something to learn from the other side
Something to give, we got nothing to hide
I want to ride the tiger.


Unit 20 – Comparing Songs: Elbow, Editors & the Cap’n

Not the best formatting I’ve ever done with WordPress, but anyway… you usually want to spend an average of 1 minute 30 seconds per question on section 1. However, some questions are easier and quicker to complete than others. If you get the easy ones done quicker you can afford to spend more time reading and thinking about trickier ones such as those below. 


Difficulty: Hard

Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds

Song 1:                                                           Song 2:

Elbow Not a Job lyrics for comprehension

Plastic factory by Captain Beefheart, lyrics for comprehension


Song 3

Fingers in the Factories by Editors, lyrics for comprehension